Guderian: Panzer Pioneer or Myth Maker?

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Biographers and historians have lionized Heinz Guderian as the legendary father of the German armored force and brilliant practitioner of


Preface; Chronology; Introduction; Chapter 1 Guderian's Youth & Early Military Career, 1888-1914; Chapter 2 Guderian & the Great War, 1914-1918; Chapter 3 From Kaiserheer to Reichswehr, 1919-1929; Chapter 4 Guderian & the 1930s Evolution of German Armor; Chapter 5 Guderian Goes to War, 1939-1940; Chapter 6 Guderian and Operation "Barbarossa", 1941; Chapter 7 Inspector General of Armored Forces, 1943-44; Chapter 8 Guderian and the 20 July 1944 Conspiracy; Chapter 9 Guderian as Acting Chief of the General Staff, 1944-1945; Chapter 10 Guderian's Fate and Legacy; Bibliographic Note; Index; About the Author.


RUSSELL A. HART is an associate professor of history at Hawaii Pacific University. He earned a doctorate in history from Ohio State University. He is the author or coauthor of numerous books, articles, and reviews, including the book Clash of Arms: How the Allies Won in Normandy. He lives in Honolulu.


"At last we have here a concise and balanced account of a major German figure in World War II whose memoirs have simultaneously informed and seriously misled many historians and textbook writers. Professor Hart's work should set straight the prior accounts of important events before and during the war." --Gerhard L. Weinberg, professor emeritus of history, University of North Carolina
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