Curl to Win

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The essential guide for all curlers - from novice to elite.
Whether you're stepping into the hack for the first time, looking to improve your delivery or better understand strategy, "Curl to Win" will help take your game to the next level. Renowned for his ability to blend the mental and physical aspects of curling as well as his innovative and effective strategies, Russ Howard has written a practical handbook that no curler should be without.
Olympic gold-medallist and Russ Howard has won a record 107 Brier wins, multiple World Championships, and helped invent the Free Guard Zone that has been adopted worldwide Canada's "curler of century," Russ coaches curling teams around the world.


Russ Howard's curling career spans 30 years and includes numerous championships at provincial, world and Olympic levels. He is the creator of the Moncton Rule, a change that made the game more competitive and exciting. He is a member of the Canadian Curling Hall of Fame. Howard lives in Moncton, New Brunswick.
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