An Advanced Octo-Reflector Solar Oven for Maximum Energy Capture

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Dezember 2010



Energy crisis is a bottle neck in the supply of resources to any economy and issues surrounding energy supply are of paramount importance to governments world over.The present scenario of increasing shortages in the energy sector, depleting natural resources, ever increasing pollution and resulting eco-degradation and increasing stress on sustainable development programmes,have directed the scientists,technologists and administrators to hunt for alternate energy resources that are cost free and pollution free.Solar energy is a promising source for substantial future contribution to growing energy demands.This book presents a novel design of a hybrid solar oven with multiple reflectors and experimentation for its optimisation with innovative materials for maximum energy capture.This oven is unique in the sense that it can be used for cooking, roasting and baking purposes.Also this can be tracked and kept in two adjustable modes to face the sun in the F.N and A.N .Two meals /day can be prepared in this specially designed oven and is very useful for cooking.


Dr. Rugmini Radhakrishnan is an associate professor in Avinashilingam University for women,Coimbatore,India. She has been actively engaged in teaching,research and extension activities. Her innovative reseaches in Solar energy utilisation is a remedy for the present day fuel scarcity.
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