Transactions of the Royal Historical Society: Volume 9: Sixth Series

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Dezember 1999



Volume 9 of the RHS Transactions contains essays based around the theme 'oral history, memory and written tradition'.


1. Presidential address: Britain and the world in the eighteenth century: II, Britons and Americans P. J. Marshall; 2. Thatcherism: an historical perspective E. H. H. Green; 3. General de Gaulle and his enemies: anti-Gaullism in France since 1940 Julian Jackson; 4. The politics of Bible translation in Georgian Britain Neil W. Hitchin; 5. Narratives of triumph and rituals of submission; Charlemagne's mastering of Bavaria Stuart Airlie; 6. The Middle Ages through modern eyes: a historical problem Otto Gerhard Oexle; 7. Making mercantilism work: London merchants and Atlantic trade in the seventeenth century Nuala Zahedieh; Part I. Oral History, Memory and Written Tradition: 8. Oral history, memory and written tradition: an introduction Patricia M. Thane; 9. Land, language and memory in Europe 700-1100 Patrick J. Geary; 10. Remembering, forgetting and inventing: attitudes to the past in England at the end of the first Viking age Sarah Foot; 11. Gender and authority of oral witnesses in Europe (800-1300) Elisabeth van Houts; 12. Memory and tradition in Sienese political life in the fifteenth century Christine Shaw; 13. Remembering the past in early modern England: oral and written tradition Adam Fox; 14. Custom and the social organization of writing in early modern England Andy Wood; 15. Resisting French Resistance H. R. Kedward; 16. Anthropology, history and personal narratives: reflections of writing 'African voices, African lives' Pat Caplan; 17. Making the most of memories: the empirical and subjective value of oral history Alistair Thompson; Part II. Medieval Communities: 18. The 'Crusader' Community at Antioch: the impact of interaction with Byzantium and Islam T. S. Asbridge; 19. At the margin of community: Germans in pre-Hussite Bohemia Leonard E. Scales; Report of Council for 1998-1999; Officers and Council 1999; Publications of the Royal Historical Society.
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