Garlands, Conkers and Mother-Die

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September 2010



A rich variety of British and Irish plant folklore, drawing on the author's unsurpassed archives and a wide range of historical and contemporary material.>


Chapter 1: A time for every purpose;
Chapter 2: The golden corn;
Chapter 3: Necessity - the mother of invention;
Chapter 4: Healing hedgerows;
Chapter 5: Mother-die and friendship bushes;
Chapter 6: Simple pastimes;
Chapter 7: History and legend;
Chapter 8: Notes on names;
Chapter 9: The changing scenes of life;
Chapter 10: Garlands and nosegays; References; Bibliography; Index.


Roy Vickery worked as a botanist at the Natural History Museum, London for over 30 years, as the museum's curator of vascular plants. He has published five books on plant folklore and is a former Honorary Secretary of the Folklore Society.


This earthy compendium of plant customs, superstitions, games and remedies, gathered over 30 years by the botanist and green activist Roy Vickery...proves how much botanical lore survives in the British Isles, and how much has been lost. It also oozes the kind of facts you itch to drop into conversation. Take the pages on bridal bouquets. Who knew that 'something blue' probably refers to the periwinkle? (Herbalists believed 'it induceth love between man and wife'.) Who now remembers that tossing the bridal bouquet is an American rite, and that British brides used to lay it on the grave of a parent or grandparent? Confetti is a relic of the tradition of throwing wheat grains for fruitfulness... --Sanford Lakoff
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