The Comics Come Alive: A Guide to Comic-Strip Characters in Live-Action Productions

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Juli 1991



Hundreds of entries for some 90 characters are arranged in alphabetical order by comic strip title, with brief historical backgrounds, critiques, information on the various movie and TV versions, and photos.


Roy Kinnard, a free-lance writer based in Chicago, has published articles in Films in Review, Classic Images, and Fangoria. He is the author of Fifty Years of Serial Thrills and Beasts and Behemoths: Prehistoric Creatures in the Movies, both published by Scarecrow.


...the vintage photos are most often hilarious...useful and thoroughly entertaining. Coast Book Review intelligently with this small sub-genre of motion pictures; the introduction provides a brief but fascinating history of the comic strip's evolution... Past Times I would buy two: one for the reference collectio, the other for the staff room. I might also buy a third-for myself. Public Library Quarterly ...unique among comics reference tools...a welcome addition for larger reference collections... VOYA ...a treasure trove of information... the most in-depth revelation of an art-to-film transformation to appear on bookshelves. Movie Collector's World ...useful... Classic Images ...a good job of it. Film Review Annual
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