The Health Consequences of 'Modernisation': Evidence from Circumpolar Peoples

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Investigates the health consequences of switching from an active 'hunter-gatherer' lifestyle to that of sedentary modern living.


Preface; 1. The circumpolar habitat and its peoples - traditional lifestyle and early research findings; 2. Concept of the International Biological Programme Human Adaptability Project and IBP studies of circumpolar peoples; 3. Changes in social structure and behaviour; 4. Secular trends in diet, metabolism and body composition; 5. Secular trends in physical fitness and cold tolerance; 6. Secular trends in lung function and respiratory disease; 7. Secular trends in growth and development; 8. Current health status; 9. Lessons from the Arctic; Bibliography; Index.


"The book is clearly written and well referenced, with numerous tables and charts used to display the biological data. Of interest to historians of science as well as human biologists and anthropologists." Choice "...the authors have a fine and subtle feel for the arctic. Their constant flashes of cultural insight do a lot to enligten the dense biological data. I am asking my own graduate students to use this book as one model of how to conceptualize anthropologically informed human biology." A. Theodore Steegmann Jr., American Anthropologist "The book's strength in physiological topics reflects the authors' background and experience. Moreover, there is much in this book that is useful for any health care practitioner and researcher with an interest in the North. It is a convenient, single-source introduction to the Inuit and their health status, with a comprehensive bibliography." Transcultural Psychiatry
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