Data Compression in Digital Systems

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April 1997



Data compression is now indispensable to products and services of many industries including computers, communications, healthcare, publishing and entertainment. This invaluable resource introduces this area to information system managers and others who need to understand how it is changing the world of digital systems. For those who know the technology well, it reveals what happens when data compression is used in real-world applications and provides guidance for future technology development.


Overview. Part I: Marketplace. Data compression in the marketplace. Marketplace factors. Part II: Algorithms. Compression algorithms for symbolic data. Compression algorithms for diffuse data. Part III: Applications. Computer applications. Communications - network applications. Communications - broadcasting applications. Consumer-electronics applications. Publishing applications. Entertainment applications. Healthcare applications. Part IV: Digital systems. Digital system design. Managing compressed data. A window on the future. Acronyms and abbreviations. References. Index.


A timely effort to educate a diverse audience on the basic concepts of data compression. I recommend this marvelous book to anyone doing work related to data compression, however remote the connection may be. Besides being informative, it is highly enjoyable. - IEEE Spectrum, September 1997
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