The Heretic in Darwin's Court: The Life of Alfred Russel Wallace

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During their lifetimes, Alfred Russel Wallace and Charles Darwin shared credit for the independent and almost simultaneous discovery of natural selection. Yet few people today know much about Wallace. "The Heretic in Darwin's Court" explores the controversial life and works of this Victorian traveler, scientist and spiritualist.


IntroductionOrigins of a HereticThe Struggle for ExistenceA Daring PlanTravels on the AmazonAnd the Rio NegroDisaster at Sea... and a Civilized InterludeThe Malay ArchipelagoThe Mechanism RevealedBeautiful DreamerA Turn Toward the UnknowableThe Olympian Heights and the Beginnings of the FallWallace and The Descent of ManThe Descent of WallaceThe War on SpiritualismPhoenix from the AshesTo the Land of Epidemic DelusionsThe New NemesisThoroughly Unpopular CausesSatisfaction, Retrospection, and WorkA National Treasure CelebratedBiographical Index


Ross A. Slotten, M.D., is a family practitioner in private practice in Chicago. He is a Wallace enthusiast and has retraced a number of Wallace's travels in Indonesia.


Slotten does a very good job of contextualizing this critical moment in the history of biology within the life and times of Wallace... Slotten's enjoyable exposition provides insight into the scientific process and the role of class structure in Victorian England. Publishers Weekly Slotten's meticulously researched biography explores Wallace's scientifically 'heretical' interests in a bunch of late Victorian 'isms,' that range from socialism to spiritualism and extraterrestrial life. -- Douglas Palmer New Scientist Slotten's text recounts [Wallace's] life in great detail, giving as much emphasis to his early life and later years as to his time as a collector and naturalist. If a library can support only one book, Slotten's provides the richness of the complete life. Library Journal Slotten's new life study illuminates an unpredictable genius who cut a wide swath in Victorian culture... But Slotten surpasses earlier biographers in detailing the complex personal relationship between the two biologists. Booklist, starred review ...quite accessible to general audiences... -- Michele Fabricant Science Books & Films That sympathy, Slotten's predilection for quirky detials, and his talent for imaginative investigation often make Wallace and his world spring to life. -- Menno Schilthuizen Natural History This is a good, old-fashioned, beautifully written biography, devoid of pretension and with both a wonderful eye for detail and an impressive command of history and fact. -- Oren Solomon Harman American Scientist fine picks for modern college-level collections. Bookwatch Slotten's book is the most detailed study of its kind published to date and provides a vivid account of Wallace's rich 90-year life. -- George Beccaloni Nature This biography revives the remarkable work of this world explorer and naturalist. Stanford Slotten's book is a pleasure to read and provides a well-researched and detailed account...It is highly recommended reading. -- D. Futuyma Evolution 58:12 2004 A highly readable and entertaining account of the life, travels, and thought of one of the nineteenth century's most eccentric and insightful scientists. Northeastern Naturalist 11:4 2004 Excellent job of profiling the man's life. -- Charles H. Smith European Molecular Biology and Organization v.6 no. 3 2005 Well-crafted biography...highly recommended. Choice 6/1/05 Six full biographies of Wallace have been published since 2000...and this latest is the most complete. -- Charles H. Smith Journal of the History of Biology 38 #1 2004 The 20 chapters in Slotten's book brilliantly explore the different facets of Wallace. -- Allen Keast Quarterly Review of Biology 6/1/05 Keen eye and easy style -- David A. Feller Bulletin of the Pacific Circle 10/1/05 Slotten's biography... offers a balanced and thorough account of Wallace's long and varied career. -- Jane R. Camerini Reports of the National Center for Science Education Vol. 25 2005
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