It's a Crime: Women and Justice

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Januar 1993



In this very important, timely edited volume, the authors both experts in the field confront the legal sociological, and psychological perspectives involving women and criminal justice. Sexual crimes, female victims, experiences and societal reactions to sexual violence and issues of privacy are covered. Attention is also paid to women as offenders and professionals in criminal justice.


PART I. VARIETIES OF FEMINIST THOUGHT AND THEIR APPLICATION TO CRIME AND CRIMINAL JUSTICE. 1. Varieties of Feminist Thought and Their Application to Crime and Criminal Justice. PART II. HISTORICAL DEVELOPMENT OF WOMEN'S ISSUES. 2. Remember the Ladies. 3. Taming Women and Nature: The Criminal Justice System and the Creation of Crime in Salem Village. PART III. WOMEN, DRUGS, AND AIDS. 4. Women, AIDS, and the Criminal Justice System. 5. The Criminalization of Pregnancy: Drugs, Alcohol, and AIDS. 6. Babies Born with Drug Addiction: Background and Legal Responses. 7. Mothers and Children, Drugs and Crack: Reactions to Maternal Drug Dependency. 8. Pregnant Substance Abusers: The New Female Offender. PART IV. WOMEN AND POLICING. 9. A Perspective on Women in Policing. 10. Discrimination and Harassment: Litigation by Women in Policing. PART V. WOMEN AND PRISONS. 11. Women's Prisons: Issues and Controversies. 12. Disparate Treatment in Correctional Facilities. 13. Female Guards in Men's Prisons. 14. Women's Prisons: Overcrowded and Overused. 15. Tenuous Connections: The Significance of Telephone Communication between Prisoners and Their Wives. PART VI. ABORTION: A RIGHT TO PRIVACY? 16. Whose Body Is It Anyway? Psychological Effects of Fetal- Protection Policies. 17. Abortion: Is It Abortion or Compulsory Childbearing? PART VII. WOMEN: VICTIMS OF VIOLENCE. 18. The Issue is Rape. 19. Battered Women Who Kill Their Abusers: Their Courtroom Battles. 20. Arrest Policies for Domestic Violence and Their Implications for Battered Women. 21. Women: Victims of Sexual Assault and Violence. 22. Fear of Crime Among Elderly Urban Women. PART VIII. THE FAMILY. 23. The Female Delinquent: Another Look at the Role of the Family. Conclusion. Biographies of Editors. Biographies of Contributors.
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