The Servant Problem: Domestic Employment in a Global Economy

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April 2006



There are now more servants in Britain than in Victorian times. This explosion in paid domestic employment is part of a global trend. Rosie Cox's timely new work examines the reality of paid domestic labor in Britain today and explores the global trends that sustain this growth of domestic employment. She shows how the economy depends on women working outside the home and examines the experiences of both employers and employees who have joined this new global labor market.


Rosie Cox is Lecturer in London Studies at Birkbeck College, University of London. She has a long-standing interest in domestic employment, in particular the growth of domestic employment in London and how this relates to its place as a world city.


'The Servant Problem will change your idea of what a servant is, where they come from and why Britain's informal economy is thriving at the expense of the marginalised and silent. This is an eye-opening study.' - Tribune 'Cox is right to seek to prick our consciences, right to draw attention to and right to force debate.' Kate Green, Chartist 'A good and timely read: It shows how a world which many thought had vanished into history is still flourishing under our very noses.'- New Internationalist
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