Leadership Development

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September 2007



Suitable for Learning & Development and Human Resource practitioners, this book describes various aspects of people development within organizations. It shows how to apply various approaches to old problems and provide fresh ways of creating high performance within an organization.


is Joint Managing Partner of Represent Ltd, a Leadership Development consultancy, focusing on developing people to adapt to new and evolving business requirements. Rosemary works with companies to build their overall people strategy and supports them in designing and delivering HR systems, processes and development programmes that deliver results against clear business objectives. Rosemary has over twenty years experience in all aspects of human resources and managing change, gained in a number of blue chip organizations. She currently works with a cross section of UK & Global organizations and has worked in Telecommunications, Banking, Retail, Manufacturing, Professional Services, Healthcare, New media and IT. Rosemary has experience of working both in Europe. US and Middle East She has a diploma in counselling from the British Association of Counselling and is a qualified NLP practitioner. She is also visiting lecturer in Leadership at Warwick Business School.
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