Henry VIII, the League of Schmalkalden, and the English Reformation

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England's first Protestant foreign policy initiative, an alliance with German Protestants, is shown to have been a significant influence on the Henrician Reformation.


The emergence of Anglo-Schmalkaldic relations, 1531-1534; Bishop Foxe's embassy to the League, 1535-1536; the Schmalkaldic embassy to England, 1537-1538; conservative resistance and reaction, 1538-1539; evangelical triumph and disaster, 1539-1540; diplomatic standstill and stagnation, 1540-1547.


Provides valuable new insight into the origins of the Act of Six article, the beliefs of Henry VIII, and the fall of Thomas Cromwell, and it convincingly reinstates the importance of religioun in the political history of the English Reformation. AMERICAN HISTORICAL REVIEW (Claire Cross) In presenting the religious factions that battled unsuccessfully for the king's heart and mind, McEntegart has convincingly reinterpreted the religious politics of late Henrician England. CHOICE Excellently researched and written. ARCHIVE FOR REFORMATION HISTORY (The author's interpretation) is lucid and convincing and will form part of a much needed reevaluation of Henry VIII as simply a "Catholic without the pope." H-NET An indispensable work of reference as well as of interpretation... A significant book. ALBION
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