Cultural Influences on Economic Analysis Cultural Influences on Economic Analysis: Theory and Empirical Evidence Theory and Empirical Evidence

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November 2006



This book examines the influences of various cultural factors on economic analyses that could be misrepresented by existing economic theories. Most significantly, the book measures the cultural diversity and bilateral similarity indexes of the existing 200 or more countries and regions, and quantifies their impacts on economic activities.


List of Boxes List of Figures List of Tables Acknowledgements Notes from the Author Introduction Concepts and Facts Culture as a Tool for Economic Analysis Multicultural Economic Comparisons and Differences Causes for Intercultural Economic Differences A Contribution to Economic Growth in Culturally Diverse Nations Cultural Influences on International Economic Analysis (I) Cultural Influences on International Economic Analysis (II) Location, Size and Political Economy of Cultures Globalization, Conflict Management and Culture Epilogue Appendices Bibliography Index


RONGXING GUO has worked and taught at Korea University, Korea, FEEM, Italy, Trier University, Germany, CUMT, China, Peking University, China and ANU, Australia. He has received research grants from many national and international organizations, including the NSF, GDN, EADN and IBM. His recent books include Handbook of International Disputed Areas, Cross-Border Resource Management, Border-Regional Economics and How the Chinese Economy Works.

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