Theory, Policy and Dynamics in International Trade

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August 2005



An unrivalled collection of the work by many of the leading experts in international trade theory.


List of conference participants; Part I. 1. Introduction: 1. Scope of the volume Wilfred J . Ethier, Elhanan Helpman and J. Peter Neary; 2. Ronald Jones and the theory of international trade Wilfred J. Ethier; Appendix: professional publications of Ronald W. Jones; Part II. History, Geography and the Theory of Trade: 3. The hub effect: or, threeness in interregional trade Paul Krugman; 4. International trade and factor mobility with an endogenous land frontier: some general equilibrium implications of Christopher Columbus Ronald Findley; 5. Directions of lumpy country trade Alan V. Deardorff; Part III. The Structure of Simple Trade Models: 6. Job market preferences and international trade Roy J. Ruffin; 7. Production indivisibilities in a short-run trade model Wolfgang Mayer and Jun Li; 8. Firms, entry and hysteresis in the Heckscher-Ohlin-Samuelson model of production and trade Michihiro Ohyama; Part IV. Policy towards International Trade: 9. Welfare effects of tariffs and investment taxes J. Peter Neary; 10. The case of the vanishing revenues: auction quotas with oligopoly Kala Krishna; Part V. Trade, Growth and Dynamics: 11. Prices of goods and factors in a dynamic stochastic economy Avinash Dixit; 12. Capital market imperfections and the infant industry argument for protection Eric W. Bond; 13. Endogenous real business cycles and international specialization Kazuo Nishimura and Makoto Yana; 14. Impact of government on growth and trade Anne O. Krueger and David W. H. Orsmond; 15. Long-run production frontiers for the Jones specific-factors model with optimal capital accumulation James R. Markusen and Richard Manning; 16. Hysteresis in the trade pattern Gene M. Grossman and Elhanan Helpman; Index.
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