Research Methods for Information Systems

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Assuming no previous knowledge, this book provides comprehensive coverage for a first course in research & statistical methods in computing, or it can be used as 'on the job' self-training for professionals. It shows how to apply these methods to the current problems faced in a variety of fields, but with special emphasis on computer science and information systems. A research model applicable to applied research is proposed and discussed throughout the text. This model accommodates scientific methods of research, including empirical, quantitative, qualitative, case study and mixed methods. Using a non-threatening approach to the subject, the text avoids excessive mathematics and abstract theory. It includes numerous exercises and examples that help students understand the relevance of research methodology applications, a DVD with statistical tables, data files, etc. Numerous instructors' resources are available upon adoption.


Introduction to statistics; descriptive statistics; data mining; probability; estimation; hypothesis testing; chi-square tests; linear regression; variance; random-number generation; guide to research; model construction; statistical software; axiomatic research; simulation and clustering methods; simulations; statistical tables.


Ronald S. King holds a PhD in applied statistics and currently is an adjunct instructor at Tarleton State University (TX). He was formerly the chairman of the engineering/computer science department at UTexas-Tyler and taught in the College of Business Administration at the Univ. of Mary Hardin-Baylor.
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