Like Rolling Thunder

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Until now there was no overview of the air war in Vietnam and the debate it has produced a debate in which some historians argue that the U.S. could have won the war if it had employed more air power. Frankum fills this gap by deftly tying together the air campaigns over North Vietnam, South Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia.


Chapter 1: The Early Air War
Chapter 2: A Gradual Response: The Air War over North Vietnam, 1965-1968
Chapter 3: In Command and Control: The South Vietnam Air Campaigns, 1965-1968
Chapter 4: The Secret War: The Air War in Laos, 1964-1975
Chapter 5: Nixon's Other War: The Air Campaign in Cambodia, 1969-1975
Chapter 6: A Year of Decision, 1972 Conclusion Bibliographic Essay Appendix: Aircraft Flown in Southeast Asia


Ronald B. Frankum, Jr., served as associate director of the Vietnam Center at Texas Tech University. He is the author of Silent Partners: The United States and Australia in Vietnam, and he teaches at Millersville University.


Ronald B. Frankum, Jr., . . . offers a compelling, readable, and concise overview of a complex, intricate, and long air war, perhaps the dominant aspect of America's longest war. . . . Much of the earlier writing on air war, mine included, reflected passions attached to the controversies we lived. Frankum's writing thankfully is devoid of such emotion. Like Rolling Thunder offers a good overview of a complex story bolstered by statistics, informative maps, photographs of the primary weapon systems, and a useful glossary to make sense of the abundant acronyms. The concluding bibliographic essay alone is worth the price of the book. It will be especially useful in undergraduate Vietnam War courses.--Earl H. Tilford, Grove City College
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