Teaching Values: Critical Perspectives on Education, Politics, and Culture

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Oktober 2002



Grounding theoretical knowledge in practical examples, "Teaching Values" wrests the discussion of values education away from traditionalists and presents readers with a unique perspective on education, politics and culture. Based on current issues, Ron Scapp addresses topics ranging from multicultural education to the impact of postmodernism on contemporary pedagogy, from power in the classroom to questions of masculinity. While challenging the right's domination of values education, Scapp also examines some issues not typically raised by educators and critics on the left, including the positive role of citizenship and national identity in American education and culture. This provocative work takes an important step forward in the debate on education and politics.


Ron Scapp is Associate Professor of Education and Philosophy at the College of Mount St. Vincent, where he is also the Director of the Master's Program in Urban and Multicultural Affairs.


"Written from an insightful radical perspective.["Teaching Values] takes on issues that are usually addressed soley by conservatives; it's time other voices entered these debates. The book brings a necessary voice to these discussions; a voice that blends theoretical knowledge with practical experience."
-bell hooks, author of "Teaching to Transgress
""Teaching Values calmly extricates multiculturalism from the hands of Ravitch, Schlesinger, et al. and astutely places it in the traditions of Western thought that it is supposed to be destroying, and on the high ethical ground where it belongs. Deftly avoiding both polemics and postmodern nihilism, Scapp defies current caricatures of 'the left.' Allowing his years of experience as an educator and his keen intelligence to guide the way, he helps us to think carefully, wisely, humanely, and freshly about a range of controversial issues.."
-Susan Bordo, Otis A. Singletary Professor of Humanities, University of Kentucky
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