The Amazon Box

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Dezember 1998



"There's something out there, Alphaos, something you don't like", said James Trevelyan. "Something you even dread. Will there be any danger?". "There is danger - and danger", replied Valkinspein.
So begins a perilous expedition deep into the Amazon Rainforest where no one has ventured before, no one knows where they are going, and the only clues that will save them being lost forever are a series of carvings on the mysterious Amazon Box.
Alpheos Valkinspein, the great explorer knows more than he will say and begs them to have faith; Whiskey Joe knows the wild places; and the ravishing 'ice Maiden', Princess Zaraida, knows everything except how to come to terms with her own dark past. Throw in heroic Captain Mike Marsh, the ruthless Amos Brand, and the endless, pounding tropical rain and off they all go, heroes and villains, parents and children, the good and the bad, the wise and the simple, on the adventure of a lifetime. They will meet danger and the danger and learn to survive... discover the good treasure and the bad treasure and learn to choose... and become the guardians of a secret that may determine the future of the human race.

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