Brief Calculus: An Applied Approach [With Access Code]

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April 2009



BRIEF CALCULUS: AN APPLIED APPROACH, 8e, motivates students while fostering understanding and mastery. This brief book emphasizes integrated and engaging applications that show users the real-world relevance of topics and concepts. Several pedagogical featuresafrom algebra review to study tipsaprovide extra guidance and practice. The Eighth Edition builds upon its applications emphasis through updated exercises and relevant examples. Applied problems drawn from government sources, industry, current events, and other disciplines provide well-rounded examples and appeal to diverse interests. This Enhanced Edition includes instant access to Enhanced WebAssignA(R), the most widely-used and reliable homework system. Enhanced WebAssignA(R) presents over a thousand problems, links to relevant textbook sections, video examples, problem-specific tutorials, and more, that help students grasp the concepts needed to succeed in this course. As an added bonus, the Start Smart Guide has been bound into this text. This guide contains instructions to help users learn the basics of WebAssign quickly.

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