Golf Nuts: You've Got to Be Committed

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“ If you love golf, you’ ll love this book. It’ s for golf nuts. The certifiable kind, like you and me.”
& mdash; Michael Jordan, 1898 Golf Nut of the Year


Introduction...The Disease. 1st Hole...Early Symptoms. 2nd Hole...The Nuts Get Organized. 3rd Hole...Nut Bowl I. 4th Hole...The Prez. 5th Hole..."Joe". 6th Hole...Michael Jordan, Nut #0023. 7th Hole...These Celebrities Are Nuts Too! 8th Hole...Golf Nut Greats. 9th Hole...Ita s Golf or Me! 10th Hole...What, Me Work? 11th Hole...The Heavy Stuff. 12th Hole...Ia ll Take It! 13th Hole...The Collectors. 14th Hole...The Truly Committed. 15th Hole..."I Love This Game!" 16th Hole..."I Hate This Game!" 17th Hole...The Search for "The Secret". 18th Hole...There Is No Cure. 19th Hole...Dear Head Nut. Nut Notes. GNS Fact Sheet. Celebrity Members. Golf Nut Record Book. The Golf Nuta s Glossary. Golf Nut Quiz. GNS Membership Application.


Ron Garland is the founder of the Golf Nuts Society. He was born and raised in southern California. He currently lives in Salt Lake City, Utah, with his wife, Judy. They have one son, Ryan, and one daughter, Kristin. None of the rest of his family is a Golf Nut. After getting his Bachelor's degree in education from Humboldt State University in Arcata, California, Garland taught for two years and then entered sales where he has been working for over 30 years. He won the Oregon Amateur in 1986. His hobbies include golf, golf, golf, golf, golf, golf, and oh yes, fly fishing and creative design. Brian Hewitt is Senior Editor of Golfweek magazine where he oversees the Golfweek Preferred section of the publication. He was born in Princeton, NJ and raised in Chicago. He has written for the Los Angeles Times, National Sports Daily and Chicago Sun Times. He has won several writing awards from the Golf Writers Association of America. He received a B.A. in Communications from Stanford University. He has authored on other book: Refrigerator Perry and the Monsters of the Midway, a book about the 1995 Super Bowl champion Chicago Bears. He now resides in Orlando, FL.
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