Fundamentals of Food Process Engineering

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While continuing the tradition of expansive coverage, Fundamentals of Food Process Engineering, Third Edition, has been fully updated and revised. The new edition of this classic text emphasizes problem solving, including technological principles that form the basis for a process so that the process can be better understoodand the selection of processing parameters to maximize product quality and safety can be made more effective. In addition, the book contains new, hard-to-find data needed to conduct food process engineering calculations.New sections reflecting the current state of technology include:enthalpy change calculations in freezing based on the freezing point depressionevaporative coolinginterpretation of pump performance curvesdetermination of shape factors in heat exchange by radiationunsteady state heat transfer, kinetic data for thermal degradation of foods during thermal processingpasteurization parameters for shelf-stable high acid foods and long-life refrigerated low acid foodshigh pressure processing of fluid and packaged foodsconcentration of juicesenvironmentally friendly refrigerantsmodified atmosphere packaging of producesorption equations for water activity of solid foodsosmotic pressure and water activity relationshipsvacuum dehydrationnew membranes commercially available for food processing and waste treatmentsupercritical fluid extractionWritten for the upper level undergraduate, Fundamentals of Food Process Engineering, is also a solid reference for the graduate food engineering student and professional.


Review of Mathematical Principles and Applications in Food Processing.- Units and Dimensions.- Material Balances.- Gases and Vapors.- Energy Balances.- Flow of Fluids.- Heat Transfer.- Kinetics of Chemical Reactions in Foods.- Thermal Process Calculations.- Refrigeration.- Evaporation.- Dehydration.- Physical Separation Processes.- Extraction.
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