A Computational Model of Natural Language Communication

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August 2006



The ideal of using human language to control machines requires a practical theory of natural language communication that includes grammatical analysis of language signs, plus a model of the cognitive agent, with interfaces for recognition and action, an internal database, and an algorithm for reading content in and out. This book offers a functional framework for theoretical analysis of natural language communication and for practical applications of natural language processing.


Part I The Interfaces and Components: Methodological Foundations.- Interfaces.- Data Structure and Algorithm.- Concept Types and Concept Tokens.- Forms of Thinking.- Part II The Major Constructions of Natural Language: Intra-propositional Functor-Argument Structure.- Extra-propositional Functor-Argument Structure.- Intra-propositional Coordination.- Extra-propositional Coordination.- Intra-propositional and Extra-propositional Coreference.- Part III Formal Fragments: DBS.1: Hearer Mode.- DBS.1: Speaker-Mode.- DBS.2: Hearer-Mode.- DBS.2: Speaker-Mode.- DBS.3: Adnominal and Adverbial Modifiers.- Appendices: Universal Basis of Word Order Variation.- Declarative Description of the Motor Procedure.- Glossary.- Bibliography.- Name Index.-Subject Index



From the reviews:
"Roland Hausser's book provides a clear and detailed introduction into the field of database semantics (or DBS). The task of the database semantics project is to provide a model of natural language communication between human agents and robots. ... The book is divided into three parts. ... This is a competent and carefully crafted book. ... The book will be valuable for instructors and graduate students in computer science and linguistics. Advanced undergraduates may also study it with profit." (Sandy Berkovski, Natural Language Engineering, Vol. 15 (3), 2009)
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