Profits from Natural Resources: How to Make Big Money Investing in Metals, Food, and Energy

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November 1998



A comprehensive overview of the supply and demand picture for natural resources globally. Many analysts now believe that a tightening of natural resources (oil, gas, grains, metals) is opening the door to tremendous investment opportunity. Roland Jansen provides a fully up-to-date examination of investing and trading in natural resources through prudent, realistic, yet profitable means, including stocks, futures, and mutual funds. Roland A. Jansen (Liechtenstein & the Netherlands) is Director of LLB Fondsleitung AG, the fund management company of Liechtensteinische Landesbank.


WHY YOU SHOULD BUY NATURAL RESOURCES. The Facts Speak for Themselves. The Supply of Natural Resources. The Demand for Natural Resources. China, the Swing Factor. The Influence of Our Ecology on Natural Resources. UNNATURAL PROFITS IN NATURAL RESOURCES. Investing in Natural Resources. Commodity Futures Funds. Mining and Metal Funds. Diversified Natural Resources Equity Funds. Energy Funds. Nutrition and Food Distribution. Commodity Certificates. The Full Investment Spectrum. Glossary. Notes. Index.
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