Tourism Behaviour

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Consumers' planned behavior is often very different to what is actually consumed. Consumer plans can relate to four behaviors: planned and done (deliberate strategies); and unplanned and not done (unused strategies). This book examines alternative theories and the empirical testing of trade-offs we make in life among work, travel, and personal maintenance actions and how our plans relate to what we actually do. Tourism Behaviour considers plans and behaviors for tourist spending, length of stay, attractions, destinations, accommodation and activities, and investigates how marketing strategies affect consumer plans. This book provides new theory, empirical studies, and practical insights of significant interest to travel and leisure researchers, destination marketing managers, and advanced students in tourism and consumer behavior.


Ecological Systems in Lifestyle, Leisure, and Travel Behavior; Qualitative Comparative Analysis of Travel and Tourism Purchase-Consumption Systems; Holistic Case-Based Modeling of Customers' Thinking-Doing Destination Choice Introduction; PART II; Introduction to the Theory and Investigation of Planned and Realised Consumer Behavior; Summary of Findings; Research Objectives and Theoretical Framework; Research Method; Variations Between Planned and Realised Behaviors; Influence of Product Information on Planned and Realised Consumption Activities; Influence of Consumer Characteristics On Planned and Realised Behaviors; Strategic Implications and Discussion.
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