Spinoza: A Very Short Introduction

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Father of the Enlightenment and the last guardian of the medieval world, Spinoza made a brilliant attempt to reconcile the conflicting moral and intellectual demands of his epoch and to present a vision of man as simultaneously bound by necessity and eternally free. Ostracized by the Jewish community in Amsterddam to which he was born, Spinoza developed a political philosophy that set out to justify the secular state ruled by a liberal constitution, and a metaphysics that sought to reconcile human freedom with a belief in scientific explanation. Here, Roger Scruton presents a clear and systematic analysis of Spinoza's thought and shows its relevance to today's intellectual preoccupations.


Preface ;
1. Life and Character ;
2. Background ;
3. God ;
4. Man ;
5. Freedom ;
6. The Body Politic ;
7. Spinoza's Legacy ; Glossary ; Further Reading ; Index


Roger Scruton was Lecturer in Philosophy 1971-79, Reader 1979-85, and Professor of Aesthetics 1985-92 at Birkbeck College, University of London.


Review from previous edition: ." interesting and provocative guide'"--Christian Science Monitor
"His exposition is beautifully lucid."--Expository Times
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