Apartheid South Africa and African States: From Pariah to Middle Power, 1962-1994

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Juli 2005



South Africa's contacts with neighboring African states to the north--often hidden during the apartheid years--are well-documented but here is a unique study based on hitherto unexplored documentary sources behind the apartheid screen showing extensive contact even during periods of conflict. These relations paved the way for South Africa's emergence as a superpower acceptable to her neighbors and as a modern African state.


Map of Africa; List of Tables and Illustrations; Abbreviations; Preface; 1. Introduction; Aim and Scope; Conceptual Framework; Sources and Literature; 2. South Africa's Foreign Policy System; Introduction; Prime Ministers and State Presidents; Department of Foreign Affairs; Military; Department of Information; National Intelligence; Progressive Party; Broederbond; Think Tanks; Rand Daily Mail; Organised Business; Parastatal and Private Companies; 3. Wind of Change: H.F. Verwoerd, 1958-66; African Independence; Appeasement; Congo; Isolation; 4. What Relations with Africa? B.J. Vorster, 1966-78; Outward-Looking Policy; Outward Movement; Dialogue; Secret Diplomacy; Detente; 5. The Military Command: P.W. Botha, 1978-89; Securocrats; Assistants, Bystanders and Outsiders; Western Indian Ocean; Armament Sales; Co-Operation with Gabon; End of Cold War; 6. New Diplomacy: F.W. de Klerk, 1989-94; Preliminaries; New Diplomacy; Negotiations; Outreach into Africa. Post-Bolpatong Developments; 7. Conclusion; Notes; Appendixes; Bibliography; Index.


Roger Pfister undertook his research at Rhodes University, Grahamstown, South Africa, and is a freelance researcher and writer on South Africa's international relations.


'With its combination of meticulous research, elegant presentation and good readability Pfister's doctoral dissertation recommends itself to a wide readership.'Neue Zurcher Zeitung, 29/30th October 2005. 'The strength of this diplomatic history lies in the wealth of primary sources and interviews that the author creatively brings to life.' - Journal of Modern African Studies 'This book provides the reader with discerning insights into crucial events in South Africa's relations with the rest of the continent.' - Journal of Modern African Studies AFRICAN STUDIES REVIEW 'Roger Pfister offers an interesting analysis of how the white minority regime in Pretoria came to fashion its diplomatic and economic relations with other African states.' -Alan D Cooper
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