From Medical School to Residency

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Mai 2000



This indispensable resource from a noted physician who has spent years advising students and selecting residents gives students all they need to know to successfully match in a residency program in 2000 and beyond. It is the only guide to fully cover the electronic application and match process, complete with lots of screen shots. The manual also addresses questions students should ask and strategies for successful matching.


1 Graduate Medical Education and "The Match".- 2 Choosing Residencies.- 3 Choosing Residents; Choosing You.- 4 The Master Timetable.- 5 Choosing an Advisor.- 6 Tryouts and Electives.- 7 Making the List-Your First Cut.- 8 Application Forms.- 9 The CV.- 10 Effective Personal Statements.- 11 Recommendations.- 12 Making the List-Theirs (The Interview and After).- 13 After the Interview.- 14 Making the List-Your Match List.- 15 Special Circumstances.- 16 The Computer Match Process.- 17 Match Day.- 18 Resources and References.
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Untertitel: How to Compete Successfully in the Residency Match Program. 2000. Auflage. Book w. online files/update. Sprache: Englisch.
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