Geographies and Moralities: International Perspectives on Development, Justice and Place

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November 2004



This topical book addresses contemporary concern with the interconnections between geography and morality.
Covers both the geographical context of morality, and moralities in geographical methods and practices.
Contains up-to-date case studies based on original research.
Deals with controversial issues, such as problems of globalization, European integration, human rights in Nigeria, territorial conflict in Israel, and land reform in post-apartheid South Africa.
The editors are well-published leading international authorities.
The contributors are drawn from Australia, Eastern Europe, Israel, South Africa, the UK and the US.


Series Editors' Preface.Notes on Contributors.Foreword.Preface.Acknowledgements.1. Introduction: Geographies of Morality/Moralities of Geography: Roger Lee and David M. Smith (Both at Queen Mary, University of London).Part I: Geography and Ethics: Method and Practice.2. The Quality of Ethics: Moral Causation and the Interdisciplinary Science of Geography: William S. Lynn (Centre for Humans and Nature in New York).3. On the Pavement: Reflections on Fieldwork with Poor Black Women Street Traders in Durban, South Africa: Priscilla Cunnan (Queen Mary, University of London).Part II: Moral Geographies of Uneven Development.4. Globalisation, Production and Inequalities in Development: Peter Dicken (University of Manchester).5. Regional Inequality, Convergence and Enlargement in the European Union: Nigel Spence (Queen Mary, University of London).6. Moral Problems of Eastern Wilderness: European Core and Periphery: Boleslaw Domanski (Jagiellonian University).7. Where the Grass is Greener in Poland: Regional and Intra-urban Inequalities: Grzegorz Weclawowicz (Polish Academy of Sciences).Part III: Moral Geographies of Distribution: Justice, Welfare and Rights.8. Social Exclusion, Health and Health Care: The Case of the National Health Service in England: Sarah E. Curtis (Queen Mary, University of London).9. The Problem with Welfare: Susan Smith and Donna Easterlow (Both at University of Edinburgh).10. Struggles over Human Rights in Nigeria: Rex Honey (University of Iowa).11. Valuing Land and Distributing Territory: Avery Kolers (University of Louisville, Kentucky).12. When Two Rights Collide: Some Lessons from Jerusalem: Shlomo Hasson (Hebrew University of Jerusalem).13. Land Reform Policy in Post-Apartheid South Africa: The Elusive Quest for Social Justice?: Brij Maharaj (University of Natal).Part IV: Moral Geographies in Place.14. Waiting in Line, or the Moral and Material Geographies of Queue-Jumping: Stuart Corbridge (University of Miami).15. Moral Geographies of Sexual Citizenship: Gill Valentine (University of Sheffield).16. But Tight Jeans are Better! Moral Improvisation and Ethical Judgement in Local Planning Decision-making: Jean Hillier (University of Newcastle).Part V: Moral Context and Professional Practice in Geography.17. Disciplinary Change and Career Paths: Ron Johnston (University of Bristol).18. From Location Theory to Moral Philosophy: Views from the Fringe: David M. Smith (Queen Mary, University of London).Index.


Roger Lee is Professor of Geography at Queen Mary, University of London. He was editor of the Transactions of the Institute of British Geographers from 1993 to 1998 and is currently an editor of Progress in Human Geography. His previous publications include Economic Geography (third edition, 1982), Teaching Geography in Higher Education (Blackwell, 1991), Geographies of Economies (1997) and Alternative Economic Spaces (2003). He is also an academician of the Academy of Learned Societies in the Social Sciences. David M. Smith is Emeritus Professor of Geography at Queen Mary, University of London. He held earlier appointments at the Universities of Manchester, Southern Illinois, Florida, Natal, the Witwatersrand and New England (Australia). He is the author or editor of twenty books, including Geography and Social Justice (Blackwell, 1994) and Moral Geographies: Ethics in a World of Difference (2000).


"This book provides a clear-sighted, critical and even-handed introduction to this most troubled and troubling terrain." Peter Jackson, University of Sheffield "Geographies and Moralities honours David M. Smith for his sustained contributions in this area, and illustrates the diversity and relevance of contemporary geographical reflections on moral issues." Jim Proctor, University of California, Santa Barbara "David M. Smith is among the first geographers to give serious and sustained thought to the relationship between geography and morality. This book is a collection of essays that originated as a tribute to his life and work. And a worthy collection it is. Each contribution is a thoughtful and caring expression of how, due to Smith's inspiration, a particular part of that researcher's interests now bears on moral issues." Annals of the Association of American Geographers, Volume 96 Issue 1, March 2006
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