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Tells the story of how a few thousand very talented young men obtain their extraordinary riches. This author illustrates salary negotiation with an imaginary case based on Roy Hobbs, star of The Natural. He leads the reader through the successes of agent Scott Boras to explain the intricacies of free agent negotiating.


Preface Introduction 1. A.G. Spalding and the Development of Baseball Professionalism 2. Baseball's Salary System 3. The Baseball Marketplace: Economics and Game Theory 4. The Ballplayers, the Owners, the Agents, and the Union 5. Roy Hobbs and the New York Knights: A Salary Negotiation 6. Ty Cobb and Negotiation Hardball 7. Salary Arbitration in Operation 8. The Free Agency Auction 9. Player Attitude and Disloyalty 10. Conclusion Notes Bibliography Index


"Game Theory and Strategic Negotiation are hot topics among some academic, but a bit much for normal people. Roger Abrams' latest book is a great way for any red-blooded American (i.e., a baseball fan) to understand the basics of these theories, and to gain a more sophisticated insight into the business of baseball. It is a masterful combination of theory, data, and war stories." --Stephen F. Ross, Professor of Law, University of Illinois "The Money Pitch tells [its] audience a host of enjoyable as well as insightful stories about the history of baseball's Ty Cobb and others...[Its] primary focus is the current law and economics of this game, and the impact that the free agency and salary arbitration secured by the players union has had on player salaries, team payrolls, and competitive balance in baseball. Fascinating, insightful, impressive, and informative." --Paul Weiler, Henry J. Friendly Professor of Law, Harvard Law School "This is a clear-headed, forthright, learned book--an insider's study of the business of baseball, from a revealing angle. His range, roughly is from The Natural to Getting to Yes to Barbarians at the Gate. To his own knowledge, gained from years as a salary arbitrator, Mr. Abrams adds insights form antitrust analysis, game theory, and the history of professional sport (from A. G. Spalding and Honus Wagner to Orlando 'El Duque' Hernandez and recent Yankee rosters). Seldom are statistics used this well." --Allen Boyer, lawyer and writer, New York City
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