Eckert's Animal Physiology

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Building on their last revision of Roger Eckert's best-selling text, the author team of Randall, Burggren, and French are back and breathing new life into Animal Physiology. The Fifth Edition highlights the latest breakthroughs in the field and offers refreshing new themes, all the while staying true to the enduring strengths that have made the book a longtime market-leader. With this edition more student help has also been included.


PART I: PRINCIPLES OF PHYSIOLOGY.- Studying Animal Physiology.- Experimental Methods for Exploring Physiology.- Molecules, Energy, and Biosynthesis.- Membranes, Channels, and Transport.- PART II: PHYSIOLOGICAL PROCESSES.- The Functional Basis of Neuronal Function.- Communication Along and Between Neurons.- Sensing the Environment.- Structural and Functional Organization of Nervous Systems.- Glands and Endocrine Control: Mechanisms and Cost of Secretion.- Muscles and Animal Movement.- Behavior: Initiation, Patterns and Control.- PART III: INTEGRATION OF PHYSIOLOGICAL SYSTEMS.- Circulation.- Gas Exchange and Acid-Base Balance.- Ionic and Osmotic Regulation.- Acquiring Energy: Feeding, Digestion, and Metabolism.- Energy Expenditure: Body Size, Locomotion and Reproduction.- Energetic Costs of Meeting Environmental Challenge.


DAVID RANDALL, City University of Hong Kong. WARREN BURGGREN, University of North Texas. KATHLEEN FRENCH, University of California, San Diego.
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