The Do's and Taboos of Hosting International Visitors

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April 1990



For the thousands of U.S. business people who host international clients and coleagues, Do's And Taboos Of Hosting International Visitors offers a much needed guide to everything from entertaining and business protocol to the role of interpreters and corporate gift giving.


Hosting as a Business Skill. How Others View Americans. How to Entertain. Dining Differences. Social Drinking. Business Protocol. "Home-and-Home" Business Entertainment: A Case Study. How to Use Interpreters. Gift-Giving. Doing Business with Three Special Groups. More Tips for Good Hosting. Tip List. Appendices. Index.


About the author ROGER E. AXTELL, retired vice president, Worldwide Marketing for The Parker Pen Company, spent 26 years living and traveling abroad. He is a popular after-dinner speaker and seminar leader whose audiences laugh while they learn about embarrassing anecdotes, goofs, gaffes, and behavior on five continents. Mr. Axtell is the author of bestselling Do's and Taboos Around the World and Do's and Taboos of International Trade: A Small Business Primer, as well as numerous articles on international business. He is currently Special Assistant for Business to the Governor of Wisconsin.
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