Atomic: Reforming the Business Landscape Into the New Structures of Tomorrow

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Dezember 2003



In "Atomic" the authors' revolutionary theory is put to the test. Looking across all sectors of business, including retail banking, financial services, telecommunications, IT and consultancy, carbon-based corporations (oil and gas companies), and consumer products companies, Camrass and Farncombe discover some real eye-openers, including how truly more efficient these industries become by a change in corporate structure.
The implications for individuals are equally profound and far-reaching. It might take a decade, but it will happen, and nothing will be the same again. Welcome to the Atomic Corporation.


Foreword. Preface. Acknowledgements. 1 The Countdown Begins. Part 1: Causes. 2 New Wave Connections. 3 Land of the Giants. Discontinuity. Part 2: Collapse. 4 What is an Atom? Part 3: Consequences. 5 Winning Strategies on the Atomic Road. 6 Atomic Me! 7 Industrial (R)evolution. Part 4: Changes. 8 Relational Capital. 9 Keep the Best and Ditch the Rest. 10 Big Is Not Beautiful. 11 Change IT! 12 Atomize Now! Part 5: Corporate Re--formation. 13 Corporate Re--formation. Index.


ROGER CAMRASS is a Fellow of the Fujitsu Executive Institute and Senior Associate of the Judge Institute at Cambridge University. He has over thirty years' experience as a consultant, general manager and entrepreneur and has advised companies such as Amex, BP, Coca--Cola, Henkel, IBM and Shell on issues of strategy and corporate style. Roger is also a leading futurist and provocative public speaker. He is a science graduate of Cambridge University and has a postgraduate degree from MIT in business and engineering. MARTIN FARNCOMBE has fourteen years' consulting experience with firms such as Price Waterhouse, Ernst & Young and A.T. Kearney. Specialising in procurement, the development of the digital supply chain and the future of organizations, he has advised many of the world's largest banks, oil companies and governments on the effects of the connected economy. Martin is now a partner at Bridge consulting International.


"A radical view of the business future ! If the authors are right, we're on the edge of a revolution." (Research Magazine, April 2004) "! a highly readable account of the way in which organisational and individual working relationships have changed and will continue to change!" (Professional Manager, March 2004)
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