Flow Measurement Handbook: Industrial Designs, Operating Principles, Performance, and Applications

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Practical, comprehensive advice on the design, operation, and performance of flowmeters.


Foreword; Acknowledgements; 1. Introduction; 2. Fluid mechanics essentials; 3. Specification, selection and audit; 4. Calibration; 5. Orifice plate meters; 6. Venturi meter and standard nozzles; 7. Critical flow venturi nozzle; 8. Other momentum-sensing meters; 9. Positive displacement (PD) flowmeters; 10. Turbine and related flowmeters; 11. Vortex shedding, swirl and fluidic flowmeters; 12. Electromagnetic flowmeters; 13. Ultrasonic flowmeters; 14. Mass flow measurement using multiple sensors for single and multiphase flows; 15. Thermal flowmeters; 16. Angular momentum devices; 17. Coriolis flowmeters; 18. Probes for local velocity measurement in liquids and gases; 19. Modern control systems; 20. Some reflections on flowmeter manufacture, production and markets; 21. Future developments; Nomenclature; Bibliography; References.


' ... a very useful handbook for engineers working in this area ... The style of the book is up to date. The book of about 470 pages is rich and clear illustrated ... an excellent handbook for all kinds of standard flow metering ... an information- packed reference.' M. Susser, Institute of Technical Physics 'The text is readable and clearly written ... the material would appeal to anyone working with flow meters in any capacity as well as to the fluid mechanician desiring to stay current in the area of flow meters. The effort put into this text by the author is enormous, and the text itself is outstanding. As such, Flow Measurement Handbook would make an excellent addition to any reference library.' Applied Mechanical Review 'Professor Roger Baker's Flow Measurement Handbook is an invaluable reference source for process engineers ... providing practical information on design, operation and performance across a broad range of flowmeters.' Talkline Magazine 'Of the many handbooks available this one on flow measurement covers aspects that the others omit. This book gives depth coverage of flow measurement ...'. Measurement + Control 'The subject area is very well researched while the experience of the author in this field adds weight to the comments and criticisms he makes ... In summary this is an extremely useful and detailed reference book for both academic and industrial scientists and engineers with an interest in flow measurement.' P. Angeli, Chem. Eng. Technol.
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