Pro VS 2005 Reporting Using SQL Server and Crystal Reports

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November 2006



Creating clear and comprehensive reporting functionality is one of the most important, and most misunderstood, tasks that developers do in professional life. The reports they generate are used by both their clients and their own managers to assess the performance of their applications and to gauge how well the application meets business objectives. This book shows how to use Visual Studio 2005 and complementary technologies, such as Crystal Reports, to quickly and simply create fast, flexible reporting for applications of any size. In this book our experienced author team shows how to create the best results as efficiently as possible.


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Kevin S. Goff is the author of CoDe magazine's The Baker's Dozen series. He selects a development topic, each month, and writes 13 productivity tips. Most topics cover .NET in some manner. In late 2004 he wrote an article on productivity tips for using Crystal Reports in .NET, a subject close to his heart. The article discussed reporting for line-of-business applications, and focused on producing efficient, effective, results. The article caught the attention of many people and organizations, and he's talking to people and building up the ideas for this book ever since.
Rod Paddock is the editor of CoDe magazine. CoDe is well known in the development community; and on an aggressive growth path to become the number one Microsoft development community magazine resource. His full biography is pending.

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