Powerful Pedagogy

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Powerful Pedagogy: Self-Study of a Teacher Educator's Practice is the outcome of the author's systematically questioning her assumptions about teaching and, in various ways, gives voice to the many individuals who have had an impact on the development of the author's pedagogy as a mathematics teacher educator. Using self-study as both a lens and a methodology to research her practice over the past three years, the author examines the impact of reflection and reflective practice in pre-service teacher education; voice, silence and that which remains "unsaid"; the ways in which teacher identities emerge and develop, and the role of authority and power in learning about teaching.


PART ONE: Researching Teaching in Teacher Education Chapter One: A New Professionalism Chapter Two: Understanding the 'underbelly': Making sense of theory Chapter Three: Self-Study of Practice Chapter Four: Designing my Self-Study Research PART TWO: Learners Learning Chapter Five: Learning about Reflection in Teaching Chapter Six: Roundtable Reflection Chapter Seven: Understanding the 'unsaid': Deconstructing silence and reconstructing self Chapter Eight: Developing our Authority of Experience: Pre-service teachers and teacher educator as 'co-learners' PART THREE: Powerful Pedagogy Chapter Nine: Learning through Self-Study Chapter Ten: From Personal Pedagogy to the broader Teacher Education Context Appendix 1: Overview of research design/data gathering tools Appendix 2: Transcription of Roundtable Data Appendix 3: Organization and Analysis of the Critical Incident Questionnaire Data Appendix 4: Pre-service teachers' reflections on Assumptions Appendix 5: Data organization: 'Exploring silence/dominant voices' References Subject Index Author Index


"An important methodological innovation is her particular method for using assumptions. Her strategy of "assumption hunting" and "assumption unpacking" are new and insightful tools for self-study scholars that can help researchers move from local knowledge to knowledge that can inform the discipline of teacher education learning.
Robyn's use of Roundtable Reflection guided by the ALACT reflection process, her critical incident reports, and her multiple perspectives tasks are tools that should become part of the methodological toolbelt of any scholar attempting self-study research." Professor Stefinee Pinnegar, Brigham Young University, USA
"There are few studies that explore the teacher educator's experience from this intimate, qualitative position, particularly in regard to the interaction between the teacher educator and the teacher education students. Still fewer studies explore the teaching of mathematics. This combination of important issues with this particular methodology suggest that this work will be a strong contribution to the knowledge base." Professor M. Hamilton, Kansas University, USA
"Pedagogy refers to the synergistic relationship which exists between learning and teaching - one informs and is impacted by the other. For me then, Powerful Pedagogy reflects the need to see teaching in new ways and to do so by placing inquiry at the centre of learning about the intricacies of teaching about teaching. Powerful Pedagogy is a "how-to-see-teaching-differently" book; one which identifies and raises for scrutiny and critique, the markers which help the learning about teaching as one attempts to enact a pedagogy of teacher education." Professor John Loughran, Foundation Chair, Curriculum & Professional Practice Associate Dean Faculty of Education Monash University (2007)
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