Data Structures in Java

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Data Structures in Java: A visual introduction uses a visually-based approach designed to help students appreciate concepts using their prior experiences and expectations. This vibrant visual approach is as rigorous and content-filled as the typical text-based approach but is a better match for today's students who already have experience with how computers are used in their lives. The text provides applications and labs for subjects of interest such as Biology, Business, Sports, and Entertainment that are presented in visually-appealing presentations students can explore with little technical support from instructors. An accompanying website provides handouts, animations, and links to additional interactive resources.


Chapter 1: Java Programming Basica
Chapter 2: Object-Oriented Design
Chapter 3: Arrays and Linked Lists
Chapter 4: Recursion and Running Time
Chapter 5: Stacks and Queues
Chapter 6: Lists and Iterators
Chapter 7: Trees
Chapter 8: Priority Queues
Chapter 9: Maps and Dictionaries
Chapter 10: Search Trees
Chapter 11: Sorting
Chapter 12: Graphs
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