The Works of God

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Systematic Theology is the capstone of Robert Jenson's long and distinguished career as a theologian, being a full-scale systematic/dogmatic theology in the classic format. This is the second and concluding volume of the work, and considers the works of God, examining such topics as the nature and role of the Church, and God's works of creation.


Robert Jenson's two volume Systematic Theology is a highly creative and individual synthesis of a number of often divergent strands of contemporary theology ... This is a work that deserves and requires patient, diligent, attentive readers, to whom it will demonstrate that the sheer oddity of Christian faith is one of its chief glories and the clearest proof of its divine origin. Francis Watson, University of Aberdeen, Scottish Journal of Theology Without attempting to be as encyclopedic, say, as Pannenberg, or as imposing as someone like Barth, Jenson has opted instead to be judicious, an endeavour that succeeds admirably. At his fingertips he has an astonishing fund of citations and quotations from every period of theology's history and every ecumenical tradition ... Besides being theologically deft, the work is also culturally, scientifically and philosophically sophisticated. George Hunsinger, Princeton Theological Seminary, Scottish Journal of Theology Robert W. Jenson gives us the twentieth century's most accomplished systematic theology written in English. It has few peers in any language. It is concise without being trivial, learned but not inaccessible, ecumenical while still rooted in Lutheran confessions, and stunningly fresh and original in its approach to the major topics. No one at any level, whether advanced or neophyte, can fail to learn from this work or remain unchallenged by it. It is the consummate work of a lifetime. George Hunsinger, Princeton Theological Seminary, Scottish Journal of Theology
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