John Quincy Adams

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August 2002



Historian Remini presents a vivid portrait of a man whose pre- and post-presidential careers overshadowed his presidency.


Robert V. Remini is Professor Emeritus of History and the Humanities at the University of Illinois at Chicago. Called the foremost Jacksonian scholar of our time by "The New York Times, "he is the recipient of a National Book Award. His most recent book is "Andrew Jackson and His Indian Wars. "
Series editor, Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr., is the preeminent historian of our time. For more than half a century, he has been a cornerstone figure in the intellectual life of the nation and a fixture on the political scene. He served as a special assistant to John F. Kennedy; won two Pulitzer Prizes for T"he Age of Jackson" and "A Thousand Days"; and in 1998 received the National Humanities Medal. he published the first volume of his autobiography, "A Life in the Twentieth Century," in 2000.


"A publishing milestone . . . Schlesinger, a master craftsman, is imposing his high standards on these books. Hail to the chief. It's a wonderful series."
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