Facing the 'King of Terrors': Death and Society in an American Community, 1750 1990

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Februar 2006



Death, a topic often neglected by historians, is in this book given the attention it deserves as one of the most important aspects of personal and societal experience. Facing the "King of Terrors" examines changes in the roles and perceptions of death in one American community, Schenectady, New York, from 1750 to 1990. It combines an in-depth look at patterns of death in society as a whole with an investigation of personal responses to such cultural customs.


1. Meeting the 'King of Terrors'; 2. Death in the colonial village; 3. Thy death: 1800-1850; 4. To speak of death: culture and the individual; 5. The era of the Civil War 1850-1870; 6. 'But the weaver knows the threads': perspectives on the Civil War; 7. Great transitions: 1870-1950; 8. To speak of death: searching for a new vocabulary; 9. A vicarious intimacy with death: 1950 to the present; Appendix; Index.


'Wells is not only a scholar with a mole-like knack for digging up intriguing data, but a humanist, stoically resigned to human inevitability.' Albany Times Union '... is essential reading for those who would understand modern American difficulties in coping with death and dying. Professional historians will find that it eases their task of formulating and conveying this understanding to the wider public.' Popular Studies
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