Information Visualization

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Fully revised textbook on the rapidly growing field of Information Visualization. Its emphasis is on real-world examples and applications of computer-generated and interactive visualization. Information visualization deals with representing concepts and data in a meaningful way. Depending on the medium used, information can be visualized in either static (e.g. a graph on a printed page) or dynamic forms. This book is appropriate for courses in information visualization, human-computer interaction, interaction design, and computer graphics.


Information Visualization by Robert Spence Table of Contents Dedication About the author Other books by the author Preface Acknowledgements Chapter 1 What is Visualization? Visualization Computational support The Human User The value of Information Visualization Fraud; silicon chips; pharmaceuticals Questions of Taxonomy Issues References Exercises Chapter 2 The Issues The task Nature of the problem The data Table presentation Bargrams Interactive object selection Overview Multiple attributes Detail Significant objects Interactive attribute selection Space limitations Filtering Taking stock Navigational guidance Movement in information space Perception and interpretation Summary References Exercises Chapter 3 Representation Data types Data complexity Perception and Cognition 3.1 Encoding of value Univariate data A single number; a collection of numbers Bivariate data Trivariate data Scatterplot matrix Preattentive processing- things that 'pop out'; choice of encoding Hypervariate data Coordinate plots Scatterplot matrix Linked histograms Mosaic plots Icons Object and Attribute Visibility 3.2 Encoding of relation Lines Maps and diagrams Venn diagrams InfoCrystal Cluster Maps Tree representations Cone tree Tree maps Hyperbolic browser 3.3 Support for design References Exercises Chapter 4 Presentation A problem The presentation issue 4.1 Space limitations Scrolling Overview plus detail Distortion Application Generalization Suppression Combined distortion and suppression Historical note Zoom and Pan 4.2 Time limitations Rapid Serial Visual Presentation Briefly glimpsed images Space and Time resources Eye gaze Presentation modes Manual control Models of human visual performance Interaction design References Exercises Chapter 5 Interaction Scenarios Spaces, interactions and balance of control This chapter 5.1 Interaction Framework 5.2 Continuous interaction Dynamically-triggered 'pop-out' 5.3 Stepped interaction Discrete information spaces Stages of action Navigation Sensitivity Residue Scent Where am I? Path breadcrumbs; Location breadcrumbs Guidance for design 5.4 Passive interaction Static display Browsing Moving displays 5.5 Composite interaction Influences The prosection 5.6 Interaction dynamics Mental models Blindness Change blindness; Inattentional blindness; Design to counteract blindness Visual momentum 5.7 Design for interaction References Exercises Chapter 6 Case studies Design The case studies 6.1 Small interactive calendars Planning your time Design philosophy Background Calendar views Interactive control Search Usability study Observations Satisfaction and preference Usability 6.2 Selecting one from many The problem The task Existing solutions Bargrams Affordances EZChooser Sensitivity Related work Evaluation Comment 6.3 Web browsing through a keyhole The problem A solution The RSVP Browser System design Evaluation Discussion Comment 6.4 Communication analysis Command and Control System requirements The MIND tool Exploratory analysis Scenario Conclusion 6.5 Archival galaxies Large collections of documents Background and requirements Earlier work Design decisions Interaction and search Layout Evaluation Exercises Glossary Video Clips
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