Successful Proposal Strategies for Small Business

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This work aims to ensure that small and medium sized business operators win those prized government and private sector contracts. The text, and accompanying CD-ROM, provide the management team with practical help in achieving disciplined business development and knowledge management processes.


Acknowledgments. Introduction. Competitive Proposals and Small Business. Strategic Partnering and Sub Contracting. Marketing To and With Your Clients. Request for Proposals. Private-Sector Solicitation Requests. The Federal Acquisition Process: Emerging Directions. The Proposal Life Cycle. Major Proposal Components. Acquisition and Proposal Team Activities. The Role of the Proposal Manager. Structuring International Proposals. Proposal Production/Publication. Human and Organizational Dynamics of the Proposal Process. Controlling Bid and Proposal Costs. Tried and True Proposal Writing and Editing Techniques. Packaging and Managing Proposal Information Effectively. Leveraging Business Complexity in a Knowledge-Based Economy. Planning and Producing SF254/255 Responses for Architect-Engineer Services. Epilogue. Selected List of Acronyms and Abbreviations. Selected Bibliography. About the Author. Index.
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