Independent Verification and Validation: A Life Cycle Engineering Process for Quality Software

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September 1992



Software in any technical system or product, be it space shuttle, VCR, or database, is an integral and expensive part of that system - if it fails, the system fails. Twenty years ago the U.S. Army sponsored the first significant Independent Verification and Validation (IV & V) program. The idea was to use independent "third party" experts to test critical components (especially software) and ensure the quality, performance, and reliability of the Safeguard Anti-Ballistic Missile System. The success of that project led to the adoption of IV & V in the design, development, and implementation of numerous other government projects, both military and civilian. Today IV & V is a cost-effective method of ensuring quality in the development of complex industrial and commercial software systems as well. Independent Verification and Validation presents engineers and computer scientists with the methods and techniques for verifying and validating the software components of engineering designs and systems. Unlike other books on this subject, this book covers the entire software life cycle and explains software development and IV & V together. Included in the text is a survey of Computer-Aided Software Engineering (CASE) tools. Comprehensive illustrations support the text throughout. The book also offers guidance on better interaction among IV & V personnel, developers, and managers. Eight case studies provide a look at real life examples of a wide range of applications possible with IV & V. For IV & V engineers, development engineers, and managers this is an ideal handbook and reference text. It is also well designed for use as a textbook for graduate, undergraduate, and professional courses.


Partial table of contents: COMPENDIUM OF INDEPENDENT VERIFICATION AND VALIDATION CONCEPTS. The What and Why of Independent Verification and Validation. How Systems Are Developed. AN ANTHOLOGY OF INDEPENDENT VERIFICATION AND VALIDATION DISCIPLINES: THE DETAILED HOW-TO-DO-IT GUIDE. Computer-Aided Software Engineering Tools for Software Development and Independent Verification and Validation. Key Plans, Reviews, and Audits. Configuration Management. A GUIDE TO PLANNING AND APPLYING INDEPENDENT VERIFICATION AND VALIDATION. Estimating the Cost and Value of Independent Verification and Validation. How Software Engineering Institute's Assessment of Contractors Interacts with Independent Verification and Validation. CASE STUDIES IN INDEPENDENT VERIFICATION AND VALIDATION. References. Abbreviations. Index.
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