Control System Dynamics

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September 2005



Automatic control systems have become essential features in virtually every area of technology, from machine tools to aerospace vehicles. This book is a comprehensive, clearly written introduction to automatic control engineering. The author begins with the fundamentals of modeling mechanical, electrical, and electromechanical systems in the state variable format. The emphasis is on classical feedback control theory and design, and their application to practical electromechanical and aerospace problems. Following a careful grounding in classical control theory, the author introduces modern control theory, including digital control and nonlinear system analysis. Over 230 problems help the reader apply principles discussed in the text to practical engineering situations. Engineering students and practicing engineers will find what they need to know about control system analysis and design in this valuable text. Solutions manual available.


Part I. Introduction to Control System Dynamics; Part II. Mathematical Models of Mechanical Systems; Part III. Mathematical Models of Electrical Systems; Part IV. Mathematical Models of Electromechanical and Electrohydraulic Systems; Part V. Summary of Modelling Principles for Physical Systems; Part VI. Solution to the Initial Value Problem; Part VII. Pole-Zero Methods of Analysis for Single Input-Single Output Systems; Part VIII. Automatic Feedback Control; Part IX. Dynamic Analysis of Feedback Control Systems; Part X. Design of Feedback Control Systems; Part XI. Frequency Response Analysis of Linear Systems; Part XII. Stability Analysis by Nyquist's Criterion; Part XIII. Dynamic Analysis of Feedback Systems by Frequency Response Methods; Part XIV. Design of Feedback Systems by Frequency Response Methods; Part XV. Advance Topics.


'Although the technical coverage of Professor Clark's book is traditional, the presentation is unconventional. The book therefore makes for refreshing reading, particularly for engineers with some previous experience of the control systems field ... It may be of particular interest to final year project students and newly-graduated control engineers.' Dr J. F. Marsh, The Aeronautical Journal
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