Musical Memorials for Musicians: A Guide to Selected Compositions

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Februar 2001



his unique bibliography simplifies access to approximately 2,150 such musical works composed between the late fourteenth century and the year 2000 to memorialize musicians.


R. Michael Fling is Head of Collection Development, Indiana University Music Library.


Ultimately this book has many uses that go beyond its morbid and curious content, and it is indeed good reading...the comprehensive composer index is a convenient reference source...the range of musical genres represented in this volume is refreshing...The tree of information to which this book gives root is all the more remarkable simply because someone has taken available information and rearranged it and therefore recontextualized it, giving simple facts a new and broader meaning. Notes: The Quarterly Journal of the Music Library Association Fling has managed to get together over 2,000 entries of composers writing musical memorials to other musicians...which is no mean feat. There are entries from the late 14th century to the year 2000, and they cover a very wide spectrum...This compilation will be of use to major music libraries... Reference Reviews
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