Clinical Laboratory Chemistry

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SECTION I: FUNDAMENTAL PRINCIPLES AND TECHNIQUES USED IN A CLINICAL CHEMISTRY LABORATORY 1. Laboratory Basics 2. Instrumentation 3. Laboratory Automation 4. Laboratory Operations 5. Immunoassays SECTION II: ANALYTES 6. Carbohydrates 7. Lipids, Lipoproteins, and Cardiovascular Disease 8. Amino Acids and Proteins 9. Enzymes 10. Tumor Markers 11. Nonprotein Nitrogen and Renal Function 12. Body Water and Electrolyte Homeostasis 13. Blood Gases, pH and Acid Base Balance 14. Mineral and Bone Metabolism 15. The Endocrine System 16. Gastrointestinal (GI) Function 17. Pancreas 18. Cardiac Function 19. Liver Function 20. Iron, Porphyrins and Hemoglobin 21. Therapeutic Drug Monitoring (TDM) 22. Toxicology 23. Trace Elements 24. Vitamins 25. Molecular Diagnostics APPENDICES A. US Customary System of Measurement of Length, Area, Liquid, and Mass B. Conversions from US Customary to Metric Units C. Metric Prefixes for the Basic Units of Measurement D Conversion Among Different Measurements within the Metric System E. Base Units of the Le Syste'me International d' Unite's F. Derived Units of the Le Syste'me International d' Unite's G. Common Acids and Bases Used in Laboratories H. pH Values and Their Corresponding Hydrogen and Hydroxyl Molar Concentrations I. Nomogram for the Determination of Body Surface Area of Children and Adults. J. Body Mass Index (BMI) Table K. Reference Intervals for Selected Analytes L. Periodic Table of Elements M. Answers to Case Study Questions N. Answers to Checkpoints O. Answers to Review Questions
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