Jimmy Dorsey: A Study in Contrasts

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A bio-discographical text that spans Jimmy Dorsey's career. The book is a collection of chronological listings of every recording on which Dorsey is believed to have played. Each listing contains an abundance of information about the studio, city, and date of the session, the name of the recording group, its personnel and their instruments, plus the matrix number, song title, vocalist (if any) and all the world wide releases known to be in existence (including 78 rpm, 45 rpm, EP, LP, 8-track, cassette, compact disc, and electrical transcription).


Robert L. Stockdale is a retired broadcaster and computer information systems manager. An avid record collector, he is author of this volume's companion text: Tommy Dorsey: On the Side (Scarecrow Press, 1995), winner of the ARSC Award for Excellence in Historical Recorded Sound Research.


...a book for the outstanding piece of research...a surplus of information about the personnel and their instruments... Jazzwise Stockdale is a very careful and thorough discographer, but the quality of his prose narrative is such that one could just as easily enjoy reading the biographical interludes alone for a seamless account of Jimmy Dorsey's life and career. The Mississippi Rag ...this chronological account of Jimmy's work is highly readable, and will also interest Dorsey's fans whose prime interest isn't the minutiae of his recordings. Past Times In all, reading all this material is somewhat like reading a diary; and about the only thing missing is the daily weather reports. This is a stimulating way of learning about Jimmy Dorsey while also having access to a rich discographical resource. Jazz Educators Journal Easy to find anything you might be looking for in this informative tome...Bob Stockdale has done it again-bigger and better! The IAJRC Journal An impressively comprehensive collection that lists every recording on which the influential Big Band musician, orchestra leader, and composer is believed to have played or have been present, spanning from the late 1930s to the 1950s...The author intersperses brief biographical notations throughout the text, which at times point out the personality, business drive, and musicianship contrasts between Dorsey and his brother Tommy. Reference and Research Book News
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