The Way of the Road Warrior: Lessons in Business and Life from the Road Most Traveled

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If your work involves time away from loved ones, long trips across country, and endless searches for a laptop power connection, The Way of the Road Warrior will be the best traveling companion you can have for your next business trip.


Foreword "The SOBs in the Metal Tube" by F.W. Sanzenbacher, Retired Captain, United Airlines. Preface. CHAPTER ONE: Some Days Are Better Than Others. CHAPTER TWO: When the Other Team Doesn't Play Fair. CHAPTER THREE: Deals and Dealers. CHAPTER FOUR: Workflow: Go? Or No Go? CHAPTER FIVE: Danger Zones and Detours. CHAPTER SIX: Battling Slumps and Other Emotional Traps. CHAPTER SEVEN: "Houston,We've Got a Problem". CHAPTER EIGHT: Finding the Positives. CHAPTER NINE: Victory Over Self. CHAPTER TEN: The Way of Technology. CHAPTER ELEVEN: 9/11: For George. CHAPTER TWELVE: Overcoming the Addiction. CHAPTER THIRTEEN: The End of My Confessions. Acknowledgments. The Author.


Robert L. Jolles is president of Jolles Associates, Inc., an independent training consulting firm in Great Falls, Virginia. With his black roll-on garment bag along with his black laptop bag, he is a participating member of an emerging cultural army of individuals frequently referred to as "Road Warriors."

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