Why Immigrants Come to America: Braceros, Indocumentados, and the Migra

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Dezember 2007



Providing insight into the "immigration problem," Stout explains in vivid detail why Spanish-speaking workers leave their homes--and often risk their lives--to seek employment north of the border.


"In the wake of several years of contentious debate about how to deal with illegal immigration to the United States and in the midst of a presidential election year in which immigration is likely to feature heavily, Stouts clear-eyed look at what drives illegal immigration is a welcome contribution to the discussion. A journalist, Stout relies on hundreds of interviews with immigrants to explore the motivations of workers coming here illegally from Central and South America. He takes a historical perspective, showing how the status of the Spanish-speaking immigrant worker has changed legally and culturally over the years. The assertions regarding the economic impact of immigrant workers are very well sourced by means of excellent notes and references. Though the text is leavened throughout by the personal stories of immigrants, the work is still fairly dense and will interest primarily scholars and students of illegal immigration from Central and South America. For academic libraries." - Library Journal
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