Sell Your Home and Save Thousands on the Commission

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April 2004



Presents homeowners with an explanation of how the commission system works, and strategies and tactics for keeping more of their equity. This book teaches how to lower - and even eliminate - the commission.


Preface; 1. Are You Paying Too High a Commission When You Sell Your Home?; 2. Following the Money Trail; 3. Know What You Want from Your Agent; 4. Discount Agents; 5. Negotiating Rebates and Reduced Commissions; 6. What about a Flat Fee?; 7. Basing the Commission Rate on the Sale Price; 8. Basing the Commission on the Speed of Sale; 9. Creating Your Own Listing Agreement; 10. Nine Strategies for Helping Your Agent; 11. Paying Just for Services Performed; 12. Selling on Your Own; 13. Determining the Worth of Your Home; 14. Reducing Your Closing Costs; Appendix A: Adding Value: Fixing Up Your House; Appendix B: Adding Value: Working on Landscaping; Index.


Robert Irwin has written more than fifty books on real estate, including Improve the Value of Your Home Up to USD100,000, also available from Wiley. His Tips and Traps series has sold more than one million copies. Learn more about Mr. Irwin at

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